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New Parvo information, maybe hope for a cure. 


More info on this Website:

 The name of this infection is "Campylobacteriosis."

Definition: Campylobacteriosis: acute diarrhea in puppies runs course in seven to ten days ***can cause a severe enteritis in humans.

There is a webpage with information CRUD 

For more on
this disease

Possible help for Parvo victims

I want to pass this information along to everyone, just so that you will all have it.
I got this from Dr. Jack Broadhurst DVM who practices in Knoxville, Tennessee at Lenoir City Animal Clinic 865-986-5450.  His email addy is
He has had 100% success using Tamiflu to treat parvo.  The enclosed material explains why.

However Tamiflue is in short supply, try Keflex it has proven effective in some cases.  Amoxicillyn doesn't have any effect.

We are slowly but surely getting some of the vets that we use here in LR and Benton to look at this info, and if they don't want to try it, they will prescribe it for us, you can only get it through a prescription.  The dosage is on the file called Tamiflu Trial highlighted in yellow.  He would very much like vets or whoever uses this to document it on this form.
I myself have not had to use it, thank God, but I feel that if I had known of it earlier, 2 precious puppies that I rescued would still be alive.  I know many of you have lost much larger number of puppies than I have, so I want you all to have this.
Thanks, and please try to get your vets to call Dr. Broadhurst.  He LOVES to talk about it and the success he has had, he talked to me for about 1 1/2 hours one day DURING office hours :)
Take care,
Karen Ragsdale

IF YOUR ANIMAL HAS BEEN SICK WITH THIS, PLEASE AVOID SPREADING THIS DISEASE. TREAT FECES AND VOMIT WITH BLEACH AND PLEASE DECONTAMINATE EXPOSED CRATES, CLOTHING, SHOES, etc. No animals in or out of your property for 30 days AT LEAST! Dead animals need to be frozen before buried, and buried in heavy plastic, better yet call your veterinarian for proper disposal.

PLEASE, if your animal is exhibiting these symptoms, you need to see your vet and have it properly diagnosed to be certain that this is what you are dealing with. We are by no means saying that you should treat without diagnosing,



  • PARVO symptoms, as soon as vomiting and diarrhea show, take your dog to be tested even if vaccinated.

  • PARVO IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS to other pets, especially puppies.

  • May look like poisoning because of quick onslaught of symptoms and mortality in puppies.

  • Begins with vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dehydrates animals fast.  Very deadly in puppies and weak animals. Reported deaths in puppies of under 12 hours with minor symptoms of lethargy and vomiting

  • Puppies, all breeds when unvaccinated and weak or elderly dogs most at risk

  • Healthy adult vaccinated dogs can become exposed and not become sick.

  • The treatment that works depends on the severity of the case, which the test will tell and the general health of the animal.

  • Rehydration with sub q fluids is working best in some, IV is working best in others

  • NO ZOONOTIC POTENTIAL (not contagious to people)

    Follow your veterinarians advice closely.



  • Pick up feces around yard
  • Change outdoor water bowls daily-bleaching and drying weekly
  • Avoid ponds, puddles and stagnant pools
  • Use gloves and antibacterial cleaner to clean up after a sick dog
  • Use Bleach water or antibacterial/viral agents to wash exposed linens, clean shoes and exposed items .
  • Use antibacterial/viral wipes for your dogs feet after walking him where dogs are concentrated

In the beginning when this stuff first broke, I found these articles that I faxed to area clinics to try to save the animals who were sick. Since then, myself and my Vet have been RAKED OVER THE COALS for warning people about a possible outbreak before confirming anything for certain. We know what we have now, were not sure what it is other than a possible new strain of parvo, BUT we have figured out how to treat it. I know of more than 50 dogs who would probably be dead today had it not been for my alerts. Right or wrong, THOSE pet owners appreciated my information, even if some of it wasn't completely accurate. These are the articles I first found. To the vets that discredited us in our own local paper and television and told your clients this was a hoax, I was planning on sharing everything we learned as we learned, with you, but you made it clear you didn't want to hear it. Doctor Cash will be happy to help you if you want to know what is killing your clients animals, and how to save them. 

Her clinic is not full of sick animals. Don't be afraid to take your animal in for routine care. She is NEVER too busy to care for her patients, I assure you. Thanks for ALL the support!! 

10-09-2004 UPDATE

These are the lost babies that I loved and tried to help save.  These are the reason I would not stop until I discovered the killer!

Mija Arnett left taking as nap with her buddies.

Mija died September,19th 04 less that 12hours after first visible symptoms.


Toby Arnett and Baily, the girl who adored him.

Toby died overnight.  The only warning was lack of activity and appetite.




Our Bill. A 60 lb puppy, who literally dropped dead within 24 hrs of vomiting.  He was also vaccinated and healthy.





My Chica, a vaccinated puppy who contracted

this illness 3 days after loosing Bill.

Now knowing about the bacteria present and wasting no time, I treated her with the standard Parvo regiment.  She lost half her body weight and nearly died.  It took a week but we saved her and she is completely healthy today.


Amy Arnett's little Nino went lethargic and began vomiting later in the  day after loosing Toby and Mija.

Now having the information about the bacteria and only hours after Mija dying in our arms, Nino was immediately treated and improved the following day.

October 9th, 2004 Update

During all the bashing, slamming and discrediting that my alerts generated, Doctor Cash and I worked diligently to learn all we could about this condition, adjust and perfect treatment and save nearly 100 dogs. Probably more. I've lost count. I had 5 dogs total get sick. We feel very confident we now know how to deal with this, though exactly what it is called is still not perfectly clear. Doctor Cash has pathology on 3, and also on 4 more that were submitted by another clinic. All the dogs died with the same problems and symptoms. Various bacteria in tremendous numbers, appeared to be triggered by a parvovirus.  I counted 135 animals that I was personally involved with helping. This does NOT include the emails and reports I received of like cases while I was gathering information, which is probably another hundred or so, half being local. Of those we personally worked on, 25 were lost before we were contacted to save others in the infected homes, or before we figured out how to treat them. All the dogs that died were lost within 72 hours of first clinical symptoms. The animals go lethargic, fever isn't usually a factor, but in the animals that were the most sick, they spiked a fever of between 105 and 107 before dying. The ones being treated that were the sickest, would spike the fever and then begin to rally once we got the body temp down. Very strange to me. The downplaying of this outbreak has been dangerous, but many pet owners who have seen this, have been listening and can verify my claims.
   We know that most of the dogs tested positive for parvo, BUT a few did not have parvo lesions which would indicate they died from parvo.  Just high loads of deadly bacteria.  4 dogs sent from the same location came back 2 died of parvo, 2 did not. All of the dogs have ridiculous bacteria loads. Some e-coli, a few other strains. One of 3 that we sent in had campylobacter jejune. This was not a show dog as was stated on channel 6. This was a private pet. Everyone needs to pull their heads out and know that campy may be involved in this strain. One campy load out of 7 tested out of dozens dead is enough for me to know I did the right thing. I just hate the panic it caused. No avoiding it though I guess.
   Most of the infected animals are vaccinated. Some by vets. Symptoms are still the same as we originally stated. Lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in vomit and feces, sometimes you wont see blood but strange colored runny feces ranging from green, black, orange or clay colored, white, yellow or foam. We are sure the color indicates the bacteria that is most prominent. My infant min pin went from gas and orange foamy stool to blood overnight. He opened his eyes the other day. He's doing fine. He survived this mess at less than 2 weeks old. He's my little miracle boy and a testament to his Doctor.
   The dogs need antibiotics to kill the bacteria as well as support for dehydration and a regiment of injected drugs. The antibiotic that is most effective depends on the bacteria that is most prominent. Doc is beginning to recognize the pattern in the feces. She's really getting good at that since by the time pathology comes back, its too late. The animals treated early did not have to go on IV support and were treated at home. So far, most of the puppies in infected homes that were not given preventive treatment got sick.
    Doctor Cash believes this is a parvo strain that is resistant, but not totally immune to vaccines. It is very virulent and the bacteria overgrowth is more deadly than the virus itself. Dogs over 1 year do not seem to go down as heavily or at all. They may get sick, but may recover all on their own. She is advising for people to make sure their animals are properly vaccinated. Vaccines should be given at weaning, and one every 3 weeks, the final shot at 16 weeks old, even if this requires a 4th vaccine. DO NOT vaccinate your animals for 30 days if they have been exposed or are recovering from this. Their immune systems are weakened by the shot and it could make them more susceptible.
   The deadliest part about it so far has been the denial of its existence, and the big deal about confusion over the name. I made the mistake of identifying it with reports of a Dog Flu strain that was not clinically proven. That wont happen again, but those who are trying to cover themselves for denying its existence are using the term DOG FLU and lack of proof of its existence to now explain their mistake, because some are now seeing this condition, and there is no denying it. So far, we haven't found out what this is either, other than a super infection, so I'm just calling it PARVO FROM HELL?? for lack of a proper name. I figure that sums it up and leaves it open for correction.
   FYI, the fax that I sent out to area vets and health departments included info on campylobacteriosis, which is also called Dog Show Crud. Same symptoms, but we now realize the bacteria that is overgrown is exclusive to the dog, not the disease. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that this condition has been viewed with this confusion all over the country and never properly researched and diagnosed. It is still spreading and the only thing we can do here is to treat it and save lives. We have given up on warning other vets and the media. Many of their reactions have been the biggest disappointment of my career as an animal care giver. I am saddened and disgusted that I ever had to defend a plea for help to save the lives of dying animals and for many, it was more important to be right than to be patient and be of assistance. I never claimed to be a vet or a diagnostician, just someone who saw animals dying and believed it was important and preventable if handled quickly. I sounded the alarm without a diagnosis. We saved dozens and dozens of animals. They were all worth it. I don't regret anything, except the lack of compassion and concern, and the headaches, heartache and stress it caused my Doctor.
   If there is ever a meteor headed to Earth, I hope it isn't first seen by a child with his telescope as seen in the movies. If that's the case, were screwed. In reality, the child would first go to his science teacher who would confirm his fears, they would alert the media, and while the scientists spent their time complaining about panic and discrediting the source,...well, you get the picture.
   Maybe the weather change will slow it down. I for one am ready to put this nightmare behind me and know that the animals are safe once again, but until then, watch your babies.
   My advice on what to do with this information is to forward it, print it off and keep it to yourself. If your dog gets sick, take this and your dog to the vet. If they would like your animal to benefit from our findings, they can call Doctor Cash. If you think you have lost a pet to this, and want to help, send the animal REFRIGERATED and unfrozen to OSU and order Bac T testing and virus isolation. Maybe if they get enough cases they will give us some answers. We know what we need to know to treat this and we are done testing. 

    Sassy was losing her battle when she was brought in. The caption and her new name really touched us all.
Annette King-Tucker

918 342 9453


October 2004

Here is the update to the original post. I just got in my email today! Hope this helps....

With the help of internet friends and resources, I believe I've solved this. PLEASE spread the word. Im afraid we are looking at a potential epidemic as I've been getting phone calls and emails from people whose animals died with these symptoms and were told parvo or poisonings. The owners had not accepted this as the animals were house kept and vaccinated. Deaths occurring in dogs from puppies to 9 years. Young, old, weak, sickly or dogs with weakened immune systems seem to be common place. 3 chihuahuas sick in my hands this week. Yes, SMALL dogs are extremely succeptable!!
The only way to stop it is before it gets out of hand. Please print the below ariticle and links off and take it to your vet and forward out to your friends and animal groups. Ive had reports of 15 deaths with these symptoms, no poisoning, vaccines current, in my area alone, just in response to my original email I sent out yesterday looking for help.
The first dog treated under this new regiment that we know of here was a dog directly exposed to a sick dog that died within 15 hours of first vomiting symptoms. Little Miha Arnett passed away yesterday in our arms. Today her buddy, another Chihuahua named Nino, came down with lethargia and nausea. His family rushed him to his vet and my vet in Claremore Oklahoma to Doctor Lesleigh Cash at Hooves Paws and Claws. While they were there, I received a call from Patti Platt in Arkansas. She told me about this flu which is also known as "DOG SHOW CRUD". I researched the name and found the below info along with many other articles, all stating basically the same thing. I contacted the vets at Oklahoma State University who were very interested in my findings. I would guess they have been scratching their heads with Parvo results lately. Other vets I called were reporting unusually high parvo cases with fast mortality. Doctor Cash told me this bacteria is commonly found in sheep and goats, not normally dogs, but looks like Parvo under a microscope. That told me everything I needed to hear. I had identified our monster.
While Doctor Cash was working on Little Nino Arnett, I read her this article. She said it made perfect sense. She changed Nino's regiment according to the following info. Patti Platt had told me that when treated early, the animal immediately responds. She was right. Within hours, little Nino was gorging himself on sliced ham. The family is elated. They took home meds for every dog they own. I will be visiting Doctor Cash tomorrow to do the same. I lost one and almost lost 2 from this horrible virus. Doctor Cash took home Cephalexin for her own dogs tonight. They go to her clinic with her and she has now lost 3 dogs to these symptoms in the past week. Maybe now they will all recover. I pray so.
Remember when reading these articles, not a lot is known about this virus, exactly how it originates or if it has changed form at all. I just cant find the research I need. Please let me know if anyone can offer anything more conclusive. Some of the info Ive found is conflicting, but I assure you, its all the same symptoms and Im sure the same treatment.
Please, post this article, spread the word. This is exactly what we have here and like the article says, it spreads like wildfire. Those of you in the Tulsa area that gather away from home with your dogs: Clean your shoes, pick up feces, clean your outside water bowls religiously, dont let dogs drink out of ponds which is how I believe mine became sick, watch your dogs from eating other feces or walking through it, Use bleach and gloves to clean up after a sick dog (remember you can get sick also!) and lets all lay low and be careful until winter hopefully will eradicate this bacteria, if thats possible. I would guess the reason we have it in Oklahoma now is due to the mild and wet summer we have had. Conditions closer to the west coast where it is ramped. I also learned that e-coli is also a bacteria commonly found in these dogs.
BY ALL MEANS if your dog throws up and becomes lethargic, print the below article and take it to your vet IMMEDIATELY! Have them test for this, and get the Cephalexin orally in the animal. There is NO TIME TO WASTE. I pray no one thinks Im a nut. I have been through hell this week and watched my best friends fall apart. I just want to save others. This is absolutely the most horrific and fast death Ive ever seen in an animal, and I have cared for thousands of wild animals with everything imaginable. I believed my dogs were protected. I was wrong. DEAD wrong. Heads up folks!
I am sick for what I have learned, though thankful to finally have some answers. Good luck to everyone and may our beloved pets be safe.
Annette King-Tucker
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue

I've included a few links, there are many. Just search under the key phrases in the letter including DOG SHOW CRUD. The article Ive copied below seems to sum it all up well enough to give to your vet if needed. I would be interested if anyone finds any better articles or research. Thank you..

Canine Flue Alert

    I need everyone to read this post and trust what I am telling you, and PLEASE spread the word. I am not a vet. I am a well trained wildlife rehabilitator who is witnessing something horrible and I want to stop it. I need to get the word out.
    Two weeks ago, my 50 lb Saint Bernard puppy threw up. The next day, he drank gallons of water, throwing it all up. The next morning he died as I was inserting an IV. We speculated many things. Gut twisting, failed vaccines. I decided he twisted his gut. 3 days later, my 3 lb Chihuahua puppy threw up. I didnt wait. I called Doctor Cash and had everything she said I needed to treat her. It took 5 days and I darn near lost her, but she pulled through. She had only vomited once when I began a tremendous regiment of IV drugs and fluids, antibiotics and steroids. Before it was over, she had lost half her body weight (she was 3 lbs to begin with) and she had eaten nothing for 4 of those 5 days.
    Yesterday a call came in from a lady who was desperately trying to find help for their hunting dog. The dog was immaculately kept, vaccinated, 3 years old. Threw up a few times, went lethargic and died. Very little dark runny stool.  
    This morning my dear friend and her daughter called me. The woke up to find their picture of health Saint Bernard puppy dead who had only thrown up a few times the day before, and their 8 month old Chihuahua had thrown up and had a dark runny stool overnight. She just died on the table at my vet clinic after many long minutes of CPR. Two hours earlier she was weak but responsive and wagging her tail. Yesterday she was normal. Today she is gone. Ive never seen anything like this.
    While we were at the clinic, Doctor Cash said she was working on a Chihuahua with the same symptoms. She ran to check him. He was dead. Same smell, same emaciated look. A dog that she had worked on last week, a German shepherd was lost to not quite parvo like symptoms. Again, vaccinated. Doc was thinking parvo or poisoning on these dogs, but many of the factors just didn't make sense. The test ran on the shepherd showed toxins, but again, the owners were completely stumped.
    This is 7 dogs in a circle of 4 people. These animals had not been cross exposed in any way except for the two that lived together. I am wondering if this is going on elsewhere. Im sure it is. Its probably being diagnosed as poisonings.
    We are sending one of the dogs to OSU for lab work. Wild Heart Ranch will sponsor the tests. Doctor Cash is alarmed and we are all completely at a loss as to what is going on. The only possible common denominator is seasonal growth of toxic algae. I have a duck pond, my friend has a small lilly pond, the other animals Im not sure about. Most of these dogs are house dogs. Im still not sure.
    Please, if anyone hears of these symptoms. Basically vomiting, diarrhea in some but not always, but not to parvo proportions if it is. A strong smell and blood tinge to the fecal, dog was vaccinated against parvo, dog emaciated and died within a few days from symptom onset. We noticed body temps were erratic, going from 98 to 105 degrees within a few hours. Death followed fixed pupils and small seizures out of nowhere. The entire process would easily be ruled as a poisoning. Thats what it looks like from beginning to end. We are looking for these symptoms where no possibility of rat poison, anti freeze or any other substance was known to cause it. A vet or testing is likely to say poisoning or parvo, but in these cases, it was neither unless it was a toxic, natural occurring algae or something in that arena.
    I need locations and if possible phone numbers to interview people who have lost an animal with this diagnosis and symptoms, that are still scratching their heads. We are just trying to find the common denominators. Its the only way we can push the lab to keep searching when they come up with a poisoning diagnosis.
    Please, empty stagnant water sources and empty your pets water bowels daily, scrubbing them out weekly. I will be using bleach, air drying completely before refilling at least once a week. By all means, if your dog throws up and gets lethargic, or has a strong smelling, dark runny stool, get them to a vet. There is no time to wait and see with this killer, whatever it is.
    Thank you and I hope this does not become an epidemic. I will let everyone that is interested know what OSU finds. We are only trying to alert people and save lives if at all possible, not to cause a panic. This is absolutely horrible and I want some answers.
Annette King_Tucker
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue
Rogers County Oklahoma


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