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Tug of war with doggy sister Hanna

Hanna with adopted brother Sunny.  Below, a year later,

still happy!

Great adoption, years later still happy!

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Summer is here!


 Provide Cool Dog Shelter for your best friend and Safe Kittie Outdoor Runs.

Special requests for Pets Haven's Angels


Building material :


Lumber 2x4, 2x6 etc.

Metal roofing


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1. Help pay our huge

    Vet bills


2. Window

Air- Conditioners


3. Dog pens10x10x10

used very welcome


4. X-Large and Giant Dog carriers


5. Berber and Micro fleece blankets


6. Dog  harnesses/collars

all seizes





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Pets Haven Animal Rescue

Our Fur Kids

 We even come with training instructions! 

Please help these and many other Furkids


Keep Your Dog Cool !

Leaving your dog out in hot weather

without shade is cruel.







Summer Care for Dogs

Dogs cannot sweat like people!!!

Be sure to provide fresh cool water.

Cats should always stay indoors

or have secure Outdoor Runs.

News for Fort Smith Area

S/N Clinics


Kitties and Kanines

Spay and Neuter Clinic

in Fort Smith

The location is in the Quarry Shopping Center down from Neighborhood Wal-Mart across from Central Mall. 

Call for appointment 479-434-4740


Now you can wash your dog and your car at the same place.

Clean and reasonably priced.

Car Wash on Rogers Ave, Fort Smith

on the North side of Rogers East of Creekmore Park



Please help Our Special Needs Furkids


We can't do it without Your Help!



Through donations from caring people like you we are able to help these special needs fur kids to live a full life in spite of their disabilities.

Andy is a Flat Coated Retriever mix who had been abandoned as a pup with his litter mates.  Andy has developed hip displeasure and needs surgery very badly.

Andy is a big (110lbs) lovable boy and cannot get around very well.  He is only 5 years old and surgery would allow him to live many more years.






Special need dog Honey after first hip replacement.

Honey has found her Angel ♥

The mother of a fallen American soldier made this donation to commemorate her son's love for animals.

Honey's surgery has been at Columbia Veterinary School.  Honey's left hip has healed and her right hip has recovered.  Honey can now go for walks and run and play like other dogs.

The cost of other Dog's and cat's life threatening surgeries postponed Honey's need.  She has been a wonderful girl and never complained.

My life so far .

Dogtime Toolbox: Are You Ready?

Don't Get A PET ...   If You Can Not Afford To...

Unless You Are Certain You Will Be committed to caring for him for his entire 10-20 year lifespan. 


Hounds are the best! 

They make great couch potatoes.

Look for our hound puppies!

Bassett Hounds are cool drivers.



Are you lonely and in need of companionship? Tired of taking long walks by yourself?  In need of someone to perk you up when you’re down? Look no further, one of several animal shelters and rescues in the larger Fort Smith area is sure to have the perfect furry pal for you.

Pets Haven's wish is to get all of these and many other cats and dogs from animal shelters and rescues in this area into loving, responsible homes.  We try to match you to your perfect companion for beautiful happy endings.

Save a Life!

Spay and Neuter





Prevention of Animal Abuse And Cruelty

Is A Family Value

Never place an animal abuser in a position of authority. They will abuse
the privilege every time. They will eventually graduate from abusing
animals to abusing humans as their species of choice.


What is Time?


One of the most important things we can give our Pets
is "Time".
The time to love them, care for them, and
train them. Animal Shelters and Rescues across
the country are filled with Pets whose families didn't
have "Time".
Every year, the "Time is up" for 12 million
companion Pets.

Do you have the "Time" to make a difference?


A Shelter Dog asks God...
Author: Joan C. Fremo
Published on: July 29, 2001
Dear God,
What is "Time"?
I hear the sadness in the voices of workers here.
They say my "Time is up", that they have to make
room for yet another dog.
My "Time" is up. I don't know what that means, God. I
only know that my new friends are so sad, and the more I
wag my tail---the harder I try to make them feel better--
-the sadder they become.
I know I have heard that word "Time" before, but I don't
understand. When I was younger, my people would
say "Time to play!" They would throw the ball, and I
would run fast. Sometimes I brought it back to them, but
other times we'd end up chasing each other having fun.
I remember "Time to eat". My people would put down a
bowl of food, and I would enjoy dinner, wagging my tail
in joy. There was also "Time for your walk". My boy
would put my leash on, and we would go walking together,
visiting the neighborhood and enjoying each other's company.
When I was younger I thought "Time" meant fun.
Or maybe Love?
I don't understand. "Time" must mean something else, but
how can it change, God? Before I came here, I heard my
people say, "No time to feed you now, boy. Later, when I
get home." Sometimes my family would forget, and there
was no food in my bowl.

Does "Time" mean when my belly hurts?
My people said there was no time for walks. I tried to
hold it all day long-- but God, I just couldn't anymore.
When I finally had to go, it made my family very angry.
Does "Time" means anger? Or maybe Loneliness?
My family said they didn't have "Time". They didn't have
time to play, or time to take me to the vet, or time to
go for walks. They didn't have "Time",
so they brought me here.
Maybe I was right... They said they didn't have time,
and if "Time" means Love, how did they lose it?
Did I do something wrong?

God, I think my new friends are sending me to you. Do
you have "Time"? May I sit on the couch?
Am I a good Dog, God?
Is it "Time"?



Our Cats

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Our Dogs

Dot the Hound Dog treeing a squirrel
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Shepherd Bilbo waiting for a new home.

Special Needs

Special need cat Tony hoping for a sponsor.


Over the Rainbow

In memory of Sarah our beloved cat.

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